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Welcome to Fangzheng Welding Equipment Co,.Ltd

    Fangzheng Welding Equipment Co,.Ltd is located in Hanghua City, Hebei Province of China. There is a thirty-year history of making the mesh welding machines in Huanghua City. Our company has the rich experience of developing and making the mesh welding equipments and a specialized team with top techniques. At present, we have become a specialized manufacturer merging the developing, designing, making and selling of machineries, especially the welding machines, into a whole.
    Our company makes specially various series of mesh welding equipments depending on different fields, including fence mesh welding line, reinforcing mesh welding line, CNC high-accuracy poultry mesh welding line, mine supporting mesh welding line, construction mesh welding line, shelf mesh welding line, all kinds of 3D mesh frame welding line, iron wire products welding machine and others. Since put the products into the market, they have obtained the high praises from numerous customers.
     We ensure that we will continuously improve and perfect the appearance, quality, performance and after-sales service of the products and try our best to provide the products with good quality and after-sales service for our customers. We believe that you will think each of our welding equipments is worth its price after you use it.

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